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Dan the Musicman




Its time to rev the engines, and blow out the dust

Posted by Dan Wiebe on August 23, 2008 at 11:04 AM

Well I'm getting excited about playing music this fall. Lots of different musical groups to play with, I just hope they don't over lap to much.

I'm going in a different direction this year with my solo act. Seems everyone wants something different. They're tired of the same old guitar guys playing the same old tunes. I've noticed the world music, ethnic stuff is very popular. So I've put together a great set list of tropical, beach tunes and will market myself as a Jimmy Buffet wannabe. Heck who knows...I enjoy playing the music... its happy, upbeat... it could work?

Ukulele Ray and the Kokonutz are now settling into a slow simmer. We were busy coming out of the chute doing a few low pay gigs, but its quickly fading. The act is there, but this is Ray's baby. We'll see what gigs he comes up with.

Timeless Melodies could be busy this year. Dave plans on a full marketing campaign when he gets back into town, and we have 8 or so gigs already on the books. We have the variety show and the gospel show - completely different from one and other. The variety show uses primarily back up tracks and is all about entertaining and energy. The Gospel show is all live instrumentation and is focused on vocal harmony and giving glory to God. I really like working with this group. We're all mature people, played a lot of music in our lives, so there is a lot of mutual respect, and no ego's or weird personality stuff. I feel like everyone is on the same page. Rehearsals are efficient and challenging.

Here's hoping for a great season!!!


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