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Dan the Musicman




the season is winding down

Posted by Dan Wiebe on March 14, 2008 at 10:28 AM

What a great season I've had this year. The Timeless Melodies group has been a blast, I've learned a ton of new music and really stretched myself, doing real shows where people sit and expect to be entertained. I haven't done this stuff in a long long time. I'm hoping it will build for even more work next year.

I recently aquired an upright bass, and what a great instrument to tackle. I use tackle because it requires  strengh and power to make it work. I've played  electric bass for years and knew the transition to upright would take some time, and it's coming along well..Doing the Gospel shows with the Timeless Melodies group was my main motivation for getting an upright. The southern style gospel music  just sceams for the upright. I may join another group to jump start my upright playing. If I can find some steady summer work, I'd be a real upright player by  fall.

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